Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Val's Family and Friends in Pittsburgh

We had a wonderful visit with Maryann & John, Tommy & Sandy, Gina & Earl, Uncle Pipe & Aunt Rosemarie, and Uncle Pete... in Pittsburgh and Van Voorhis. We also visited Val's friends Rachel & Ayman & Haytham. More narrative later, for now enjoy these pictures:

Uncle Pipe (George), Val and Aunt Rosemarie

Uncle Pete and Val

Gina and her son Earl

Baba and Gedo's Old Home in Van Voorhis

Walnut Trees in Front of Uncle Pipe & Aunt Rosemarie's home in Van Voorhis. A neighbor bet Uncle Pipe he couldn't grow walnut trees from a walnut seed. We ate some of the fruits of the bet.

Rachel, Val and Haytham



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