Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Support Resisters!

Letter I got published at, in response to, An Uphill Battle, by Adam Cayton-Hollan, April 5, 2007.

My letter was published April 19, 2007:

Adam Cayton-Holland's superb story touchingly focuses on the intimate relationship between Steve Powers and Lance Hering, each successfully protecting the other from societal predators (police and the U.S. military). The thirty-plus grand that Steve has had to pay for the unnecessary search and rescue should be paid by all of us as gratitude for saving Lance from having to go back to U.S. military hell and, quite probably, saving many Iraqi lives.

The sooner we all support U.S. soldiers resisting orders and going AWOL, the sooner we'll have our families back, and the Iraqi people will get their land and country back.
Mark Schneider