Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wedding Thank You Photos

We are indebted to the many many friends and family who made our wedding happen from months before, during and work after. The following is a small sample of these rock stars of our community.

Sean, Heather and Jen, caterers and companeros extraordinaire!

Danielle and David. In addition to teaching all of us to salsa, Danielle served as wedding coordinator par excellence and made Val's skirt and Camila's dress. David co-managed beverages with Imogene and taste tested our wine!

Mom (Marilyn) and Mark. Thanks to mom for all her moral and financial support, and for her beautiful sketches.

Brian (aka "BBBBBWOOOOOOOOOOOOD!") co-photographer, set-up and break-down specialist and non-stop all-around helper who we nearly totally exhausted!

Remy and son Felix. Paparazzo fantastico along with Bwood, Remy also played guitar and sang In this Heart during the ceremony.

More to come....


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